Bar Hopping

Normally during a night of bar hopping, one of your friends has to miss out on the fun because he's tasked with getting your group home safely. In a larger group, there are probably gonna be more than one friend who has to miss out on the fun. Then, once the party is done, you all cram back into sedans and uncomfortably drive home. We give you a much better option. When you rent a party bus for your night of bar hopping, we get to be your designated driver. We will ferry you to all the best places in the city so that you can enjoy all the bars and clubs there full potential, all of you. And then after, you get a very relaxing and calm ride home in the comfort of your vary own bus. Even while you're on the bus, the built in bars and coolers turn your vehicle into a mobile party, so that you can drink, on your way to the bar! Be prepared to book your night early though. Renting party buses for nights out on Fridays and Saturdays is a popular occasion.

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