Concerts and Festivals

Michigan is a prime target for the hottest names in music to play here. Detroit it's self was once known as Motown, and to this day, Michigan has tons of hot venues that that are brimming with prestige. Bands big and small flock here to enjoy the amazing crowds that Michigan is so well known for. There are a few factors to consider when going to a concert however. First off, transportation can be a really big hassle. The larger venues can be backed up for miles on the road, as you sit cramped in little cars. Well, a party bus make actually even get you to enjoy traffic! You can get all the best features when you order a party bus, like listening to all the artist's greatest hits on our state of the art sound systems as you enjoy roominess and comfort of party buses even while you're stuck in that pesky traffic! When you get there, parking can also be a major issue. But not with a party bus! We'll drive you up right to the gates, and then we'll take care of parking the bus. You just enjoy yourselves! Furthermore, when you get out, you have a nice relaxing bus to get you home comfortably. Concerts are a very common way to use a party bus, so be ready to order early!

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