Detroit Sports Events

You are a sports junkie, you just can't get enough. You grew up loving Detroit teams whether they were winners or losers. The Lions have not given you much to cheer about but, you are a homer and you have stuck with them. You have been thinking about a special sports night out with your best buddies but you want it to be something different. You have four choices for the actual event you will attend. It just depends on what your group has a hankering for. There is baseball which is America's past-time. The Detroit Tigers have a rich history back to 1800s. In recent years, the team has had much success and the chances of seeing a win is fairly good. The Detroit Red Wings have won four Stanley Cups in the last 17 years and are one of the original six teams from when the NHL was established. The Detroit Pistons are probably best known for their days when they were known as the bad boys and won back-to-back championships. Of the four major sports teams in Detroit, it is the Detroit Lions that have caused the most frustration, but that hasn't stopped them from having a very loyal following. Of course, if you are a major Detroit sports fan, you already know all of this and you just need to decide which of the four you and your friends want to go see.

As we leave that decision up to you, we do have a suggestion for you. How are you going to get to your sporting venue? One thing is certain, you don't want to drive yourself. Depending on your group size, you also don't want to fool around with car pooling. First of all, it is much more fun if everyone is together from the start to finish. This is a night for fun, not a night for fighting traffic and searching all night for a parking spot. We are suggesting that you take any hassle out of your evening. You deserve this.

Another aspect to consider is the fact that your group will be enjoying some alcoholic beverages during the evening. You will feel much better if you leave the driving to someone else. Then, there are no worries about getting a DUI. As much as you want to have the time of your life, you also want everyone in your group to have a safe time and to arrive back home in one piece. Don't leave this up to chance, it is just not worth running the risk. Rest easy knowing that we hire only experienced, certified chauffeurs that are very knowledgeable about the roads you will be traveling. They will take you not only to your sporting event but also to any additional stops you would like to make. In fact, if you want your driver to make a suggestion say on a bar or restaurant, just ask.

Now, here is the real beauty of renting a party bus. While you are on your way to your sporting event, you will be able to enjoy all of the amenities on your party buses. Your group will be amazed about what kind of fun our vehicles will allow you to have. If you feel like having a few drinks, you can stroll over to the bar areas which have built-in coolers of ice. When you reach down to grab something, it will be only choices you absolutely love because that you will stock the coolers with everyone's favorites. There is also a custom hard wood dance floor with dancing pole. Now, we realize that dancing is not always a guys thing to do, but hey, once you have a few drinks in you, who knows what you might be brave enough to try. And even if you don't use the floor for dancing, maybe you could have a push-up contest. One amenity we think you will be really excited about is our high definition televisions with DVD players. Bring footage of your favorite teams moments, maybe when they won the championship. If the group is in a music mood, all vehicles have a concert quality sound system installed with CD/iPod/MP3 inputs. We also provide customized leather wraparound seating and LED color changing mood lighting. Have we convinced you? We hope so because a party bus was truly made for events like this. You only live once, so try something different this time and enjoy some professional transportation to the game. It would be our pleasure to serve you so call one of our courteous customer service representatives today and lets start a conversation. We accept calls anytime day or night.

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