Night Out on the Town

There is no better way to spend your night painting the city red, when you take a party bus to do it. We guarantee that the fun will never stop aboard your very own vehicle. With a party bus, even your transportation becomes a fun time. After all, how many other people at the bars and clubs that you'll be visiting, can say that there car doubles as a bar, and a club? That's right, our buses have all the features to make it the hottest club and bar in the city, all while being on the move! You get features such as a booming and loud sound system, multiple televisions to play music videos or anything else you'll want to play. There is even a wooden dance floor and dancing poles for you to really enjoy the club aspect of the night. You're more than welcome to drink from the built in bars, where you can test your skills of drink mixing as well! Be sure to book your night on the town early though, our spots can fill up quickly especially during the summer months!

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