Wine Tours

Michigan is very well known for its extensive array of some of the finest wines in the world. We have a great deal of both wineries, breweries and distilleries that are a great attraction to visit with a group. Naturally you go to these kinds of places to enjoy the fine alcohol that they offer. Chances are that while you're there, you may get a little drunk, so you have to have someone with you that will refrain from drinking just so he can take you all to the next location, or to take you all home. That's why a party bus is such an important part of your touring experience. We'll pick you and all your friends up, and make sure that everyone enjoy the wine tours and such, and then drop you all off. Everyone enjoys the wines breweries and distilleries, while getting a very comfortable ride that's full of luxury and elegance. Taking party buses for wine tours are growing in popularity exponentially, so if you want to enjoy the quality and elegance of a party bus while tasting delicious wine, you would want to book as early as possible.

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